Intalling Shiny Server on Ubuntu 14 LTS

OK, so I just ‘found‘ shiny and it has a lot of cool stuff to it. OK, I’ve known about it for a long time but have just had the opportunity to sit down and work it out and see how it can fit into the presentation and learning I’m trying to develop in my Applied Population Genetics online textbook. Here is a brief overview of how I set up the shiny server on my Ubuntu box that is hosting the book (so I can embed more interactivity in the display).

New digs

I’m moving the site from my own hand-coded html over to an instance of WordPress for 2015. There are several reasons why I am doing this: I don’t seem to update too often if I hand code it making my lab webpage rather stale. Syndication and federation of posts can add dynamic content from lab members to the site. I’m moving towards this approach in teaching as well so I thought I would eat my own dogfood.

Unix Basics

This covers some basic unix commands so that you can log into a machine and move around in it with ease. It is by no means comprehensive. Logging In To log into a machine you must use SSH. This is a secure shell and is encrypted on both ends so that others cannot snoop on your passwords or activities. If you are a windows person (shudder), you will have to use a GUI application to log into the server.