Fixing Imports to Hugo

The solution to this, is to recognize that a lot of the content I make (in fact most of it) will be presented as output from R Markdown. The tutorials I create, the analyses I do, etc. As such, why not start with an R Markdown file in the first place and go from there? Enter blogdown devtools::install_github("rstudio/blogdown") I then had to install python3 and pip to get the academic Hugo theme going.

Simulating Random Populations

The gstudio package has routines that can be used to simulate random populations. I’ve added these to facilitate more exploratory data analysis. Here is how you can use them. If you have not updated the gstudio and popgraph packages in a while, you probably should. Here is how (if it asks if you would like to update the other packages, it is probably a good idea to say yes).

Landscape Genetics Course Feedback

If you took part in the Glasgow Landscape Genetics Course in March, I would appreciate any feedback you could provide so I can make the course better. Thank you.  

Jane Remfert, Doctoral Candidate

Jane Remfert has successfully completed the necessary steps to proceed to Doctoral Candidate by completing her written and oral defense and submitting her research proposal. Thank you to Drs. Eckert, Gough, Johnson, and Keyghobadi for their insightful comments and expertise in helping to shape a dynamic and exciting research project. Now, you just have to do it!


OK, so there is a bit of a circular firing squad going on in some of my R installs with ggplot2. Apparently, you can get various CRAN/Github versions out of sync and a whole host of different. Here is how it started:

Bayesian Models

A three-part introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis by Rasmus Bååth.

Spatial Data Sources

As part of a class in Landscape Genetics, faculty (mostly done by Melanie Murphy and Jeffrey Evans) compiled an extensive list of spatial data sources. These were made available on the course website we hosted but I wanted to make a more persistent copy of them here so they will not be lost. They are listed below the break.

Applied Environmental Statistics

This semester, I’ll be leading a graduate course in applied ecological statistics. Should be a lot of fun getting a group of people up to speed on the benefits of being an R guru! https://sites.google.com/a/vcu.edu/applied-environmental-statistics

Collab <- Slack + R

I just ran across an R package that allows you to integrate your R workflow into the Slack environment. Really cool. Below I show how to set it up and to post output of your analyses to slack channels for your team as well as to register notifications.

Intalling Shiny Server on Ubuntu 14 LTS

OK, so I just ‘found‘ shiny and it has a lot of cool stuff to it. OK, I’ve known about it for a long time but have just had the opportunity to sit down and work it out and see how it can fit into the presentation and learning I’m trying to develop in my Applied Population Genetics online textbook. Here is a brief overview of how I set up the shiny server on my Ubuntu box that is hosting the book (so I can embed more interactivity in the display).