Simulating Random Populations

The gstudio package has routines that can be used to simulate random populations. I’ve added these to facilitate more exploratory data analysis. Here is how you can use them. If you have not updated the gstudio and popgraph packages in a while, you probably should. Here is how (if it asks if you would like to update the other packages, it is probably a good idea to say yes).

GStudio: An R Package for Spatial Analysis of Marker Data

This is the main package that provides data types and routines for spatial analysis of genetic marker data. The previous version is currently available on CRAN and you can install it rom within your R environtment by invoking the command install.packages(“gstudio”) If you want to keep up with the latest developments of this package, you can use the version found on GitHub. Install it from within R as: require(devtools) install_github(“dyerlab/gstudio”)