gstudio 1.6.0

Now that the semester is over, I was able to push some new updates out for gstudio. These are some bug fixes and a few new functionalities.


May 15, 2023

Version 1.6.0

The fixes in this latest version include:

  • [REQ] Test for HWP and LD similar to that implemented in Genepop? I work with microsatellite loci that have many rare alleles, so a HWP/LD test with a MC algorithm similar to that used in Genepop would be ideal

  • [ADD] Added heirfstat to genetic_structure() to allow functional calling

  • [ADD] Added hooks into genetic distances from pegas through genetic_distance() for other distance measures.

  • [FIX] stratum He/Ho genetic_diversity Hs()

  • [FIX] Add permutation to Fst() for significance

  • [FIX] pies_on_map apparently is broken

  • [FIX] Problem with having a missing genotype for type="column" in first row. Odd problem.

  • [ADD] Feedback for reading in columns for read_population() when > 500 loci to provide some level of feedback to the user showing it is doing something and not just sitting there.

  • [ADD] Added Hi() (individual heterozygosity) function.

  • [FIX] Change ‘locus’ to ‘loci’ in frequency_matrix() to be consistent with the frequencies() function argument list.

  • [FIX] Catching problem where empty (instead of NA) data was causing locus(.,type="separated") to fail.