GitHub Classroom

This year I am reconfiguring my teaching to be more granular in scope. Historically, I have made all my quantitative lectures part of a single large GitHub repository, which is good for me. However, this does have a problem that it is getting so large that it may only be good for me and not for anyone else. So, I’ve decided to break up my teaching compoinents into individual, stand-alone, GitHub Repositories & use GitHub Classroom for teaching.


August 24, 2022

GitHub is a tremendously helpful tool for our daily activities as data mungers, programmers, and code monkeys. It allows us to keep a historically accurate account of our projects and to collaborate seamlessly with people from across the world. And for teaching, if you get away from using proprietary software from that Redmond company, it is spectacular.

A few years ago, I began taking all of my teaching components and breaking them down into the smallest self-contained unit. I did this because: