Population Graph Stability

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Rodney Dyer https://dyerlab.org (Center for Environmental Studies)https://ces.vcu.edu

A population graph is a network structure based upon inter-stratum conditional genetic covariance (see Dyer & Nason 2004 for a more complete discussion). In this context, it is often of interest to know the statistical stability of your loci in determining the topology you see in the popgraph. Here is a way to subsample the loci you have and identify the extent to which you are asymptotically estimating a stable topology. Basically we are going to:
1. Sample a subset of your loci randomly (without replacement) of a particular size (e.g., 10 loci).
2. Estimate a topology.
3. Measure some characteristic (or characteristics) on that topology.
4. GoTo #1 a large number of times (say 100).
5. Increment the number of loci being used.


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