Setting Up Your Site for Syndication

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Center for Environmental Studies


January 21, 2015

This quick tutorial is for how you set up your site to make it able to syndicate to a class site. I am using the BIOL310 Genetics Online course as an example. You are going to need the following:

  1. A category given to you by the professor to use on your site to indicate which posts should be sent over to the class site.
  2. A blog. Here I am running WordPress as it is the supported one from VCU. Others are available if you already have a blog going, if not got to and sign up as a VCU student and make one. Consider it a digital portfolio for all your work.
  3. Send your professor the address of your blog.

Below is a video of the process. It is pretty easy to do.

That should be it. Once your professor has the link and sets up syndication, your posts (when the category is applied to them) will show up on the site.