Population Graph Stability

A population graph is a network structure based upon inter-stratum conditional genetic covariance (see Dyer & Nason 2004 for a more complete discussion). In this context, it is often of interest to know the statistical stability of your loci in determining the topology you see in the popgraph. Here is a way to subsample the loci you have and identify the extent to which you are asymptotically estimating a stable topology. Basically we are going to:
1. Sample a subset of your loci randomly (without replacement) of a particular size (e.g., 10 loci).
2. Estimate a topology.
3. Measure some characteristic (or characteristics) on that topology.
4. GoTo #1 a large number of times (say 100).
5. Increment the number of loci being used.

Rodney J. Dyer

Research interests include applied population and landscape genetics, contemporary gene flow, and examining the effects anthropogenic landscape modifications have on extant plant and animal species persistence.