Environmental Studies II Lecture

A guest lecture in ENVS102: Environmental Studies II.

Fermentation Lecture

Here is a presentation of mashing techniques and a short experiment for Dr. Tenjo’s Fermentation class.

Landscape Genetics Course Feedback

If you took part in the Glasgow Landscape Genetics Course in March, I would appreciate any feedback you could provide so I can make the course better. Thank you.  

The Enigmatic "Seedlings" Data File

Here is the seedlings file.

Landscape Genetics Workshop 2019

This week I’m in the wonderful town of Glasgow giving a workshop on Applied Landscape Genetics to a wide and interesting population of researchers. Here is the link to the content. If you are not taking it, you can follow along at your own pace, it is all available under the following CC-SA 4.0 license.

January CES Faculty Meeting

Here are the slides from the January Meeting.

Syndication Between WP Sites

Syndication is a process whereby you can post something to your site and other locations will detect that you have posted something and then pull in the content to their site, making it look like you wrote it and posted it on their site. Is that clear? Here is my use-case: I post everything I do to rodneydyer.com. For things that I want to be shown on my work page (https://dyerlab.

CES Curriculum Meeting

ENVS 601 Lecture

Here are my slides from a guest lecture I gave in ENVS 601. Interesting class, only place I’ve been called totally ignorant by another instructor… I’m thinking it was a compliment aimed at bias-free research approaches.

Applied Environmental Statistics

This semester, I’ll be leading a graduate course in applied ecological statistics. Should be a lot of fun getting a group of people up to speed on the benefits of being an R guru! https://sites.google.com/a/vcu.edu/applied-environmental-statistics