Rasters In R

An overview of how to work with Rasters in R.

The Enigmatic "Seedlings" Data File

Here is the seedlings file.

get_map() Problems w/o Google API

There is a persistent problem with the get_map() function now that the google api is required. Even if you ask for source=”stamen” you still get an error asking for the google api. A fix is to do the following: library(gstudio) data(arapat) coords <- strata_coordinates(arapat) b1 <- c( left = -114.2935, bottom = 23.0757, right = -109.1263, top= 29.32541) map <- get_stamenmap( bbox = b1, zoom=7 ) ggmap(map)

Landscape Genetics Workshop 2019

This week I’m in the wonderful town of Glasgow giving a workshop on Applied Landscape Genetics to a wide and interesting population of researchers. Here is the link to the content. If you are not taking it, you can follow along at your own pace, it is all available under the following CC-SA 4.0 license.

RStudio Server on Ubuntu

Ubuntu server is a nice platform for server-related activities. Here is a short tutorial of how I updated my most current version to the latest available by rstudio.org. Here is how I got it going. If this is your first install, you need to grab the gdebi stuff sudo apt-get install gdebi-core Next download the latest deb from rstudio. I typically like to try out the preview release, often stable enough to get what you want done while at the same time highlighting the latest features.


OK, so there is a bit of a circular firing squad going on in some of my R installs with ggplot2. Apparently, you can get various CRAN/Github versions out of sync and a whole host of different. Here is how it started:

Talk at Temple!

Giving a talk up at Temple University, last seminar of the year but one I’ve been looking forward to giving for a while.

Collab <- Slack + R

I just ran across an R package that allows you to integrate your R workflow into the Slack environment. Really cool. Below I show how to set it up and to post output of your analyses to slack channels for your team as well as to register notifications.

Intalling Shiny Server on Ubuntu 14 LTS

OK, so I just ‘found‘ shiny and it has a lot of cool stuff to it. OK, I’ve known about it for a long time but have just had the opportunity to sit down and work it out and see how it can fit into the presentation and learning I’m trying to develop in my Applied Population Genetics online textbook. Here is a brief overview of how I set up the shiny server on my Ubuntu box that is hosting the book (so I can embed more interactivity in the display).

Layered Maps in R (Using GGPlot of course&#8230;)

A very cool writeup on making blow out maps. http://urbandemographics.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/creating-tilted-and-stacked-maps-in-r.html