Fixing Imports to Hugo

The solution to this, is to recognize that a lot of the content I make (in fact most of it) will be presented as output from R Markdown. The tutorials I create, the analyses I do, etc. As such, why not start with an R Markdown file in the first place and go from there? Enter blogdown devtools::install_github("rstudio/blogdown") I then had to install python3 and pip to get the academic Hugo theme going.

Syndication Between WP Sites

Syndication is a process whereby you can post something to your site and other locations will detect that you have posted something and then pull in the content to their site, making it look like you wrote it and posted it on their site. Is that clear? Here is my use-case: I post everything I do to For things that I want to be shown on my work page (https://dyerlab.